Massimo Morelli

Professor of Political Science and Economics
Bocconi University

Research Fellow at Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Innocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic Research (IGIER), and Carlo F. Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy

Office: Via Roentgen 1, 3-b1-06
Phone: +39 02 58365495
Email: massimo.morelli [at]

Curriculum Vitae

My research interests are in game theory, mechanism design, political economy, governance institutions, development economics, behavioral and public economics, comparative politics and international relations.

Massimo Morelli, Profile Picture

Selected Publications

Dispute Resolution Institutions and Strategic Militarization (with Adam Meirowitz, Kris Ramsay and Francesco Squintani), Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming

Redistributing Income under Proportional Representation, a Correction (with Margherita Negri), Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming

Global Crises and Populism: The Role of Eurozone Institutions (with Luigi Guiso, Helios Herrera and Tommaso Sonno)

American Journal of Political Science (2016): "Turnout Across Democracies" (with Helios Herrera and Salvatore Nunnari), Vol. 60(3), 607-24

Review of Economic Studies (2015): “Mediation and Peace” (with Johannes Horner and Francesco Squintani), Vol. 82, 1483-501

Quarterly Journal of Economics (2015): “The Geography of Inter-State Resource Wars” (with Francesco Caselli and Dominic Rohner) Vol. 130-1, pp. 267-315

Journal of Political Economy (2015): “Strategic Mass Killings” (with Joan Esteban and Dominic Rohner), Vol. 123-5; International Geneva Award winner 2015

American Journal of Political Science (2008): "Incumbents' Interests and Gender Quotas" (with Francois Maniquet and Guillaume R. Fréchette) Vol. 52-4, 891-909

American Economic Review (2007): "Political Bias and War" (with Matthew O. Jackson), Vol. 97-4, 1353-73

American Economic Review (2006): "Self-Enforcing Voting in International Organizations" (with Giovanni Maggi), Vol. 96-4, 1137-58; also reprinted in Public International Law (November 2010), edited by Eric A. Posner, Elgar Publishing

Econometrica (2005): Behavioral Identification in Coalitional Bargaining: an Experimental Analysis of Demand Bargaining and Alternating Offers (with Guillaume Fréchette and John Kagel), Vol. 73-6, 1893-939

Review of Economic Studies (2004): "Party Formation and Policy Outcomes under Different Electoral Systems" Vol. 71-3, 829-53

Review of Economic Studies (2001): "Occupational Choice and Dynamic Incentives" (with Maitreesh Ghatak and Tomas Sjostrom), Vol. 68-4, 781-810

American Political Science Review (1999): "Demand Competition and Policy Compromise in Legislative Bargaining" Vol. 93-4, 809-20

Working Papers (Download page)

"Populism: Demand and Supply” (with Luigi Guiso, Helios Herrera and Tommaso Sonno), CEPR Discussion Paper 11871 (covered in Economist, Corriere della Sera, Sette)

“From Weber to Kafka: Political Instability and the Rise of an Inefficient Bureaucracy,” (with Gabriele Gratton, Luigi Guiso and Claudio Michelacci)

“Electoral Systems and Polarization: Evidence from the New Zealand Reform Using Machine Learning Techniques” (with Elliott Ash and Moritz Osnabruegge)

“A Dynamic Theory of Secessions” (with Joan Esteban, Sabine Flamand and Dominic Rohner), CEPR DP 12398

“Electoral Systems, Taxation and Immigration Policies: Which System Builds a Wall First?” (with Margherita Negri), CEPR DP 12212

“Corruption and Extremism” (with Antonio Nicolo’)

“Third Party Intervention and Conflict,” (with Adam Meirowitz, Kris Ramsay and Francesco Squintani)

“Optimal Checks and Balances under Policy Uncertainty” (with Gabriele Gratton)

Teaching (Download page)

30344 International Relations
20610 Decisions and Organizations